As the weather starts to get cooler and you aren’t able to enjoy taking your boat out, it is important to follow a few steps to make sure that your boat stays in a great condition while it is in storage over the winter.
Changing out the oils and fluids

While prepping after the last outing you must change out the oil and coolant after draining the motor and flushing it with water, you can then refill it with new oil before putting the boat into storage. If you don’t have a high performance engine then an oil like Yamalube 2s oil should do the trick for lower performance injector engines and wont break the bank either. The coolant should also be drained and flushed with water before replacing with new coolant.
Prepping the engine
Be sure to turn the engine over without starting it and spray a good fogging oil into the carburetor. While you are working on the engine be sure to loosen or remove the drive belts to ensure that they do not get damaged being stretched over the winter. Be sure to add some fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank at the same time as making sure that the tank is full, this stops condensation damage over time.
Other mechanical work
As you are not going to be using the boat for a while disconnect the battery, topping up with distilled water and grease the steering mechanism with waterproof grease being sure to get into all of the joints. Be sure to charge your battery every now and then over winter to make sure that it will be ready to go when winter ends.
Non-mechanical parts to prepare for your boat
Plug up the holes and openings to your boat to make sure that no insects decide to make a home in there while you aren’t using it. Remove any electronic devices that are not attached and be sure to take out any materials that can perish or cause damage to the boat over time. Empty any water tanks and remember to flush with anti-freeze.
Final Steps
Be sure to give your boat a good wash to get all of the possibly damaging salt off, and wax to stop the boat from getting any rust issues. The final part is to cover the boat up and keep it somewhere dry and not in extreme temperatures.
Once you follow all of these steps your boat will stay in fantastic condition to be using as soon as winter ends.